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What Therapists Say


What Therapists Are Saying About Medbridge

"I love the selection of courses on MedBridge! I highly recommend it, worth every penny."

"I earn CEUs with my iPhone when I have unexpected breaks in my schedule. And, to the person on fb who suggested listening to MedBridge Webinars for CEUs on longer drives, thank you!! Got CEUs on PDGM done today, a great webinar, btw."

"I found a lot of great, applicable courses on MedBridge. I have completed two so far: “Managing patients with Dementia” and “Low vision and Assessment” and I’m currently taking a vestibular rehab course."

"I love the fact that there is video and text and the skills assessments (competency exams) are case studies embedded throughout the course."

"It is AWESOME!!! So convenient. Good courses. Affordable."

"I love it! I’ve been using them for the past 3-4 years for CEUs. Lots of live webinars and great courses to pick from!"

"Even when I don’t need any more CEUs I still have MedBridge and love it! So helpful when you’re looking to brush up on something or get some new tx ideas."

"I’ve tried other online CEUs (Summit and OccupationalTherapy) and didn’t like them. Then I tried MedBridge and never looked back. Ya get what ya pay for!"

For those interested in HEP and the Patient Education Library
Included in the Premium Subscription


"I use MedBridge and love it. I can email, text or print HEP’s for patients as well as earn CEU’s for licensure with the continuing ed option. I can copy/paste the entire HEP into the EMR. It will show patients videos of each exercise if they download the app on their phone or tablet. It is customized to allow you to add your own exercises as well."

"I use the HEPs a lot, there is a website that patients can watch a video of their exercises (and have paper copies, too)."

"MedBridge is really good. You can design a home exercise program and print it or give them a link to watch videos at home."

"I love their exercise builder!"

"It’s GREAT! Tons of classes and HEP options. Solid, reliable website."